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Explore the Path to Mental Well-Being with Empowered Minds

Individual Counseling

Empowered Minds offers individual counseling services that provide a healing journey tailored to your own pace. Whether you are struggling with mental health difficulties such as anxiety, depression, and trauma, or you are reaching out for mental health maintenance, I will be here for you. One of my favorite aspects of therapy is that I get to follow YOUR lead. I think its beautiful to acknowledge where you stand in your own healing journey, and if you are confused about where to start, I will support you along the way. Working one on one will help you to explore different aspects of your life and make meaningful connections, enabling deeper reflection and a sense of understanding. Thus, establishing a place of positive change. 

$150 per session, sliding scale

Insurance: Aetna, Empire BCBS, Oxford, Oscar Health, United Healthcare, Cigna  

Inquire more information about how you can utilize your insurance out of network benefits 

Hands Up


Empowered Minds aims to embody the act of see one, do one, teach one. Public speaking events are offered to spread knowledge and awareness about the importance of healing. The goal is to share that knowledge gathered from years of studying applied psychology, working with clients in the field, and personal experiences, to help others better understand the complexities of childhood trauma. Through these events, I aim to empower individuals to take control of their own mental health and strive for a more balanced life.

Contact via email for pricing.

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